We provide you with the highest level of services

The highest quality of professional standard to meet local competitive environment.

Under the Group we provide:

▪  Book- keeping and Accounting
▪ Income Tax Consultancy
▪ Donor Specific Audits especially for NGOs
▪ Value added Tax Consultancy
▪ Statutory auditing
▪ Insolvency-Bankruptcy
▪ Forensic Audit- Investigations for frauds and theft
▪ Internal audit
▪ Staff recruitment, staff training
▪ Company valuations
▪ Management accounting
▪ Management audit
▪ Financial consultancy
▪ Investigations –mergers takeover bids, bank documentation
▪ Administrators of the Staff retirement schemes on behalf of the Trustees
▪ Organisation Capacity Assessment and training
▪ Staff recruitment and training

Quality standards

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